Soelden part 2.

Shooting freeride is what I love the most, probably cause anything pretty much looks great when you get loads of fresh snow, hehe.
Qparks sent Untouched crew in Soelden and it turned out to be the radest place for freeriding. Like everywhere in Alps the whole mountain could really use some hard snowfall but there was some fresh pow nontheless. We got a guide/photographer Rudi Wyhlidal, who knows this place like his own pocket and makes super great photos.
The first day the whole mountain was in a cloud so Bine, Matevž and I just checked the place out and got pumped for the second day. We woke up into a bluebird skies and it was on! We hit the gullies for breakfast, got some pow turns and then moved upper the glacier. We were looking for a nice spot to build a kicker but the snow conditions just didn`t allow big jumps while the rocks were somewhere just inches bellow the surface. But there are some really nice spots we would gladly return to…
Rudi showed us some fun pillows and smaller lines and even I got some turns in between shoots which just made my day.
Next day we were so motivated that we went back first thing in the morning and shoot some more stuff before the Freestyle Feast begun. Guys went chillin, I went filming and after such good start everything falls into place by itself… Enjoy the video!

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