Run to the hills

Autumn colors are taking over and it is a perfect time to catch the last warm days and enjoy the outdoors.

I kinda missed out on (non snow related) mountaineering for the past three years, so I got really hyped when ideas about climbing some peaks started flying. My friends and I hiked the whole weekend, a bit for fun and a bit for spot searching. Got to know where to go when all is trapped in whites, hehe.

According to the media we are looking into one hell of a winter, starting with this weekends snowfall… would be about time, so bring it!

Colours event teas

Colours is a artist collective based in my home town, Kranj. They say that “…in music no size, shape or colour is inappropriate. Anything goes. It’s just how creative you are in welding them together thus building your own rainbow of sounds. As colours are, music can also be artificially composed or purely organic. It can fade away in a couple of moments after it was revealed or it can last forever. Some might like it and some might not. It triggers emotions. It takes you away. It connects you to other beautiful minds. It can work as a background for your personal soul-searching or as a media for expressing your deepest passions, moods and feelings. Anything that you see or imagine while listening to the music, no matter how tangible or abstract, bares some dye. Welcome to our world of Colours in which we’ve combined the power of music with the influence of colours.”

It is super nice to be part of a creative group like this, we already have some cool ideas for their campaign, so stay tuned!

Here is the teaser for their upcoming event in K4, drop by and show your true colours…

Smiley faces

I have been working for an advertising agency Fini Mediji for few weeks and it is pretty fun, while they do all sorts of guerrilla promotions.

Yesterday we did an action for Slovenia’s most classic icecream, Planica. Filming is total chaos, hiding, running and mainly shooting from hand, but thats what I was kinda missing after all the high tech gadgets and epic shots became mandatory for every little thing, hehe.

On the spot I am in my own world of sorts, so I did not fully comprehend, that a free pop-sickle on a scorching day brings out some much positive vibes. Sounds kinda gay, but it was nice to see random folk so genuinely happy in the moment… small things that make your day, hehe.


Yesterday was the Lunar Perigee, meaning that the Moon was the closest to the Earth. It was also the full moon. This coincidental phenomenon is called “Supermoon”, while it seems the biggest and shines the brightest.

It only happens every 412 days.

Alltough there was lots of clouds, Katja and me were fortunate enough, to get a twenty minute window right when the moon was rising and the sun was setting… pretty magical…

Without Warning video

There has been a lot said about a journey called “making your first music video”. Inmate music spot is out, it is getting coverage and the guys are representing everywhere on Slovenian alternative and metal scene (Zarolaj, Rockline, Rocker, Rockthestage, Profanity, Paranoid-zine…).

It was fun, it was hard, it is all over… till the next one, which we want to start shooting in June!

Check the video below…

Inmate video premieres on national TV

My first music video premiered on national TV… pretty tight!

Inmate band are releasing their debut album and had an interview in a music show on RTV Slo, called Aritmija.

It has been pretty wild road for them, touring Germany with big names like Dark Tranquility, going through various changes and recording the album (the right way) all over again. Finally, the album goes out this weekend, accompanied with their first music video and the concerts following… check it all out on the link below!

Inmate feature on Aritmija (section 29min and on)

Unussual jobs: Filming a political add

Politics never really interested me, while I am down with laws of nature and personal happiness, other than rules that money, society, church and traditions try to apply on you.

It is the last week before the parliament elections in Slovenia and the race to the throne is in its last stage. Today I got an early morning call from a friend, asking for a filmer on a very short notice. We were supposed to go somewhere in the nature and do an add for one of the fresher political parties. At first I was kind of puzzled, but I tend to look on things with an open mind, so I saw this as an opportunity to learn and work on something completely out of my character.

It was a really nice day in the hills above the fog, which we are trapped in for more than two weeks now, and I got a little insight on how things work when you are trying to make it to national TV. You live, you learn…

Check Basanostra!

I first heard about Sebastian Funk a.k.a. Basti a.k.a. Basanostra from my friend Matevž Pristavec, who delivered me some of his shots. He told me that Basti is one hell of a filmer that always takes guys somewhere where powder and good kickers are waiting. It was my “rookie” year filming snowboarding and I though, man that is some heavy know-how right there.

I finally met Basti when I got this checkout for Qparks last year. We clicked instantly, had a lot of fun on Dachstein and this year we even spent a portion of summer surf tripping together. He is super down to earth guy, with tons of knowledge, who just loves to film and do action edits that have some sort of story behind.

This might sound a little cheezy, but I think of him as my mentor (although he hates to hear that, haha), while he was never affraid to share his experience or knowledge with me. For a guy coming from Slovenia, where it is really hard to get some quality film schooling, let alone an honest opinion or good advice, this always meant a lot.

He started a new webpage, BasanostraProductions, which is well worth checking out. You can also follow his work on his facebook fan page.