Barbariga at last!

We do not get to surf very often in Adriatic, maybe like 20 to 30 days per year, and its always Medulin. But there is a nice lefthander in Barbariga that works maybe once a year, when the winds, tides and stars align just right.

After five or more unsuccessful check-ups in past three years, we finally nailed it on Sunday! Although it was small to medium size for this spot, it is for sure the best wave near Slovenia and it was International Surfing Day, therefore the best possible time to get a ride there!

Eat my dirt!

My friends at Mountainboard Slovenia started to build a mountainboard track under our local hill. There is a cool short video on their site to get a clue whats up.

I have to many hobbies and to little time already, but this looked so much like snowboarding, I just knew this is it, haha. We have been improving and shredding the course for the past month and it just gets sicker and longer every week. Its a perfect starting point and the crew is super cool there, so don not hesitate to drop by if you are in need of some summer freeride stoke!

Medulin gathering

Few days ago me and few friends went to Medulin to catch some waves before leaving for Spain at the end of June.

The forecast was tricky (isn`t it always?), but everybody went with the “if you don`t go, you don`t know” system and everything turned in an unplanned slovenian surf community gettogether. Waves were small yet glassy, so everyone got a bite!

Skateboarding my ass off!

I have been skateboarding for around ten years, give or take, and it has been a way of life and mentality ever since.

Past month I got to skate almost every day and hang with my longtime friends which sadly does not happen often enough. Lots of riding and lots of beers went down while these two seem to mix very well, haha.