Capbreton Dawn Patrol

I am back at work in Zarautz and first thing I had to do, was catching up with surfing, hehe.

Katja Pokorn and Domen Bizjak, members of Untouched Crew, are also here, so we did some short trips. We caught few glassy sessions in nearby Deba for starters, which is not so common in Spain when the swell hits.

Main course was a trip to Capbreton, France, full on dawn patrol, but well worth the pain. After two hours of sleep and some chocolate croissants we were ready for the fast shorebreak action near the picturesque WW2 bunkers.

Pirate holidays

When I started to skate, the culture was all about punk rock and hardcore. It engulfed riding, music and attitude and that will probably stick with my perception of what skateboarding should be forever. And I will be a skateboarder forever. Period!

Past weekend we had an unique opportunity to see and hear a handful of punk rock legends and heroes of our youth at Punk Rock Holiday 1.1 in Tolmin. Bad Religion, NoFX, Strung Out, Hot Water Music, Real Mckenzies, Bouncing Souls… to name just a few, plus some great less famous bands (Street Dogs, Total Chaos…).

It was just ragging three days of beer, grill, eye-patches, water diving, midnight boxing punch-outs and all around shenanigans! It was one of thoose vacations you get home more beat up than before you left. And I mean literary, haha!

Concrete waves of Basque (part 1): Orio gem

It has been a very busy month at Ujusansa surf camp for me… filming, searching, surfing on daily basis! There is always something going on, so you quickly forget about internet, TV and shaving, haha.

But skateboarding is something that never goes off my mind, especially in a land where every single beach is hiding at least some sort of miniramp, if not a proper bowl or skateplaza.

This gem of a miniramp is in nearby Orio, a small pirate-looking town, circa 15 minutes away. At first it looks like it is hardly rideable as it is steep as hell, yet once you drop in is like riding on a wave. Sick!