Early call

Yesterday I thought I was going to chill all day and do some editing, while the snow conditions were so sketchy the Untouched crew had a day off. But I changed my mind and decided to go filming some scenics, considering there is finally snow in the mountains.

Waking up at 5am never had paid off more. I got lucky with the morning fog for starters, then skies cleared about the same time as I arrived on Sorca. After being done at 10am, I managed to sneak in some easy pow rides, which was banging. Fell asleep at 19pm, haha.

West to East Austria

I had jing-jang weekend for Qparks in Austria.

Kaprun Oakley shoot was in the prefect weather, new snow, warm and sunny. Planneralm on the other hand was cloudy, wet snow and getting worse by the minute. But the important thing is that both were fun and real easy to shoot, we just basically had fun in the mountains for two days. Did some night time timelapses and various scenics for the Untouched in the free time, hehe.

I also got to see the culuars that are made in Kaprun (waiting for Maček) and at last it started to snow, even in Slovenia. Can not wait for the next sunny day… it is on!

Making of Luža teaser

This year I am responsible for video part of the Luža contest.

It is a annual event, where skiers and snowboarders are trying to get over a pool of freezing water or sending the best trick into it. All goes on in a fun three day spring session on Krvavec with all sorts of happening, so I really look forward to the main event.

First thing of my work was to film them a nice teaser, based on the story continuing from the last year. We were doing a lot of branding and a lot of driving, but it is a well organized team working on it, so my job was pretty easy. Teaser will be up in the start of March, so stay tuned…

Kitzbuhel with DC Europe

This weekend I had the coolest Qparks shoot in Kitzbuhel.

The DC Europe guys had a shoot on the big kicker, which was built a week ago. It is 18m table and super long inrun and landing. I was really happy when I saw it from the lift, I love to film big kickers and it is rare to get a shoot on stuff like this.

We had one really cold day, just doing laps around the park and one nearly perfect day with sun and no wind for the big one. The crew was super relaxed and motivated at same time, so it was fun and easy. I tried to film a follow from sled but it was way to shaky, so I had to do it “manually”. One of the fastest runs I ever rode with a camera, haha.

Clip in few days…

Recording sixteen hours a day

I am working shifts as miner in China, haha.

Today is the first day without holding a cam, since who knows when. We have been doing various stuff for Untouched (check the blog on our webpage) and shooting rails with Jibrothers and Vogel locals. George found a Mecca for street rails somewhere in Austria and we have been going back for three days. Night shoots, day shoots, exercising German… it is all part of the process. One thing we realized is that Austria is so far ahead from our post transition state, just because of their positive attitude towards things and a will to communicate and make compromises. No unnecessary yelling and threatening, just clear common sense and some effort on your side and you can ride a spot for days. Loving it!

Midnight troubles

We have one hell of a night behind us.

To start the evening off, we got kicked from the first spot by an aggressive Planina “native”, then we got all three cars locked inside the fenced parking and with temperatures around -20°C the spirits were low as it gets.

But Šparovc was not done and Katja, Šmid and me were not going to back down either. We went to some bridge rail into a natural bank and put in some after hour shoveling. Šmid was pulling Andraž with a car, so he could get enough speed and past 3AM we had some of the best street shots so far! Šparovc getting hollywood style inrun shots and a grind 450 out with a seizeble drop, was worth every frozen toe. Some hand brake drifting on the way back home was just the icing on the cake, haha!

Kranstrdam quicky

Strangely, we only have enough snow in our area, nothing few kilometers out in any direction. It is still lightly falling every day, so mission time is prolonged. Top notch!

We had a super quick hit with Jibrothers today, less than 20 minutes of filming on the rail at the wall. Great work, we are going for another one when it gets the dark…

Every snowflake counts

Every year we get some days, when snow embraces the cities. Since we were kids we always went jibbing some skaterail, but nowadays we use this days (or mostly nights) for filming real spots.

Jibrothers are on a mission all day, every day, so I got a message that we should go filming today, before I took a look through the window and noticed we got 10cm of white outside.

We gathered lights and shovels that have been waiting too long and hit the streets. Šparovc got two tricks in the bag in front of the mandatory crowd and the celebratory 2AM beer was well deserved. More to come in next days…

It is not Sunday everyday

I had a shoot for Qparks in Planneralm today and the best thing was that I was able to take more riders with me than usual. Pristo, Podli and Agi were up for the go and Katja joined to take pictures, so we were packed, hoping for a good park and maybe even some pow. There we should meet with Filip, Tom, Michael and second filmer Killian, so I was looking forward to a serious highlight filming.

It turned out that the forecast with sun in the morning and snowflakes in the afternoon was a bit early. We drove into full on cloudy, snowy and super freezing day. Shit happens sometimes, in a way it is funny, we drove seven hours for a cup of tea, haha.