Yesterday was the Lunar Perigee, meaning that the Moon was the closest to the Earth. It was also the full moon. This coincidental phenomenon is called “Supermoon”, while it seems the biggest and shines the brightest.

It only happens every 412 days.

Alltough there was lots of clouds, Katja and me were fortunate enough, to get a twenty minute window right when the moon was rising and the sun was setting… pretty magical…

Filming in Slovenian mountains

I am making it sort of annual to spent few days in Bovec in the last days of the season. I am not much of a park lover, so I skip Dachstein hype and leave for big mountains before summer finally takes over.

This time we even filmed some slush stuff for Untouched project and the rest of it was chilling and good times. You know it is the no stress weekend when Maček comes half drunk to a filming mission, haha.

Good crew, super hot days, beers and swimming mandatory… check loads of photos and a local eating shit on the slush kicker here

Without Warning video

There has been a lot said about a journey called “making your first music video”. Inmate music spot is out, it is getting coverage and the guys are representing everywhere on Slovenian alternative and metal scene (Zarolaj, Rockline, Rocker, Rockthestage, Profanity, Paranoid-zine…).

It was fun, it was hard, it is all over… till the next one, which we want to start shooting in June!

Check the video below…

Inmate video premieres on national TV

My first music video premiered on national TV… pretty tight!

Inmate band are releasing their debut album and had an interview in a music show on RTV Slo, called Aritmija.

It has been pretty wild road for them, touring Germany with big names like Dark Tranquility, going through various changes and recording the album (the right way) all over again. Finally, the album goes out this weekend, accompanied with their first music video and the concerts following… check it all out on the link below!

Inmate feature on Aritmija (section 29min and on)

High speed paraski in Planica

Today I finally met Gal Jakič, Slovenian paraskier, a competitor in fast disciplines and an all around skier who likes to try new stuff in his spare time. We are also hoping to get some of his powder shots for the Untouched project and I it was nice to see his face after all the mails, hehe.

We went to Planica, our biggest hill jump, which used to be the largest in the world and where people have flow over 100m and 200m barriers for the first time in history.

Gal will be riding a flag down the hill on Saturday’s opening ceremony, so he wanted to try how much speed and control he will have. It is a giant steep slope and you are measured to get more than 100kmh till the end. And there is no other way than just going straight!

He was pretty confident and relaxed in the car, but naturally got a bit stage fright, when we parked in the run out. After seeing this happen the next moment, he got even more concerned, but shook it off instantly and started preparing.

He handled it with ease, went for two times and got over 120kmh mark. Pretty inspiring…

Making of Luža teaser

This year I am responsible for video part of the Luža contest.

It is a annual event, where skiers and snowboarders are trying to get over a pool of freezing water or sending the best trick into it. All goes on in a fun three day spring session on Krvavec with all sorts of happening, so I really look forward to the main event.

First thing of my work was to film them a nice teaser, based on the story continuing from the last year. We were doing a lot of branding and a lot of driving, but it is a well organized team working on it, so my job was pretty easy. Teaser will be up in the start of March, so stay tuned…

Midnight troubles

We have one hell of a night behind us.

To start the evening off, we got kicked from the first spot by an aggressive Planina “native”, then we got all three cars locked inside the fenced parking and with temperatures around -20°C the spirits were low as it gets.

But Šparovc was not done and Katja, Šmid and me were not going to back down either. We went to some bridge rail into a natural bank and put in some after hour shoveling. Šmid was pulling Andraž with a car, so he could get enough speed and past 3AM we had some of the best street shots so far! Šparovc getting hollywood style inrun shots and a grind 450 out with a seizeble drop, was worth every frozen toe. Some hand brake drifting on the way back home was just the icing on the cake, haha!