Vogel park opening

Mt. Vogel is our home resort and I have been waiting to go up there since I came from Portugal. It is a place where you are surrounded by your friends and proper mountains and thats all I ask for the winter.

On Friday they opened the snowpark, the sun was up and everybody was there. We hit the kicker, filmed a little and just hanged out together. Bangin’ first day!

Enjoy the clip and merry Christmas to all!

Introducing: Hungarian snowboard video, Hét Év Hidegben

My friend and coworker at Qparks, Hambalkó Bálint is the Hungarian video wizard. He really puts in the extra mile to get cool shots, story or whatever the plan is.

This year he released first proper Hungarian snowboard video, called Hét Év Hidegben, which means “Seven years in cold weather” (accourding to Google’s translation). It is a journey from the beginnings of Hungarian snowboard scene to present times and you can see the guys are evoliving in matters of tricks, style, filming, everything!

You are invited to check the video on Kronikavideomag site for fully enjoyment or just click below…

Jibrothers in Planica

Today we got a little crew together and went for the first winter shots for the Jibrothers.

Andraž Šparovec, Agron Imeri and Uroš Podbevšek were eager to hit one of the most known rails in Planica, the home of the famous skiflying construction. The jumping hill is not the biggest anymore, but you can not erase the historical events that happened on this thing.

Anyway, we were more interested in rails around and it was a good decision, while it was the only place with enough snow in the streets in westerly part of Slovenia. There are three rails and everybody usually rides the shortest one, yet the Jibrothers pushed it up a notch and picked the middle one. I tested the new tripod (it is banging) and we got two shots and few pictures, which is a good start for the upcoming season.

Epic Barbariga

Lets get one thing straight. The word “epic” got pretty warned out these days, just like claiming seems to be the next best thing in surfing all around the world. It is a circus.

It is not epic just because you are there, nor just because it turns glassy. ”Epic” hits once or maybe twice every few years, when you score conditions that usually never happen or have possibly never had happened before. Otherwise it would not be epic. It would be random, regular, classic, whatever.

On Saturday 17.12.2011 Barbariga was epic. Period.

Three years straight it did not even break. This year it worked three times, waist high and choppy. Yesterday it was close to 2m, cleaners even more. If you got caught inside, it washed you in and at least 50m down the coast like a little puppet. The power was unimaginable for waves of Adriatic. It tubed and spit out. Nobody has seen it like that before and some guys out there, were chasing it for almost ten years. This is epic… and hopefully this is a legit time to claim, haha.

Me and Katja documented for about an hour and then I decided to do some helmetcam shots. Which we will maybe never see, because the cam got ripped, ironically, on the smallest wave of the day. Shit luck, yet everybody is invited for some late December scuba diving, haha.

Introducing: Nejc Ferjan in Snow Cones & Cotton Candy

Nejc is a slovenian rising star. He is solely into rails, jibs and stuff like that, and I mean real street shit, not just your random park stuff! It is always good to go filming with him, while you can expect some crazy tricks going down!

Few days ago True Color Films introduced their third video part from a video called Snow Cones & Cotton Candy, in which Nejc has a short, yet proper insert. Click below and enjoy Nejc’s shredding from 4:00 on…

Introducing: Rudi Janda in Good Times Rollin’

Rudi was the second guy I met filming in Helsinki, Finland. He is a funny guy that never gives up and I had a lot of fun just hanging around with him, let alone filming.

Few days ago Bamboo Motion Pictures introduced their full video, called Good Times Rollin’, which is defenetly worth checking out. Click below and enjoy Rudi’s part… if you want to see the whole video, follow this link

Untouched project’s new webpage released today!

The new official page of the Untouched project is finally polished and ready!

I have been pretty picky about the design, but in the end, I think we managed to get a really clean look with a nature feel and fine presentation. Guys at Lono did a superb job and I would like to thank them for all the hours, energy and nerves spent on the design and programing.

Check the page at www.untouchedproject.com

Finally some snowcapped mountains

I have been waiting so long for this view to come back…

After months of dry weather and three weeks of more or less fog, the passing fronts dropped some fresh and the skies finally cleared. It is not much, but it is a start into a heavily anticipated winter, with my biggest project so far to realize, the Untouched project.

Today we are presenting our teaser at the Slovenian RedBull Art of Flight premiere and after that we are releasing the new official page, so stay tuned…

Last surf session before the winter

It is finally getting colder and it even started to snow in the higher mountains of the Julian Alps.

Cyclones that bring the most snow to Slovenia, arrive over France, continue their way below the Alps in Italy and bring southern winds over Adriatic Sea. Which in short means waves. Once or twice per year we get lucky and the front makes a sharp turn and the winds turn southwest. Then it is time to check Barbariga.

The forecast was looking really nice and we were hoping to ride some sizable lefts, yet the weather had its own plan, I guess. We got a waist high chop, but it was fun anyway. I also did some filming for my “no deadline” Slovenian surf documentary, because like I said, it is rare to get a chance to surf Barbariga and this is also a (big) part of what surfing on “home turf” means for Slovenian soul surfers…

Comment Last surf session before the winter