Widen your experience

Many of my friends are really into kiteboarding and its actually a very versatile sport. You can hit any surface from dirt to water to snow so its never boring.

I went to film the first takes for a short commercial for Mountainboardshop.eu which is a cool little project with no real deadline yet. Basically it was just relaxed fun day out with friends while trying to get a hold of the dynamics of the sport they love.

In and out of Poland

I was really looking forward to film some powder after the latest snowfall but it all went sour so I decided to go check Polands streets with Seppi Scholler from Love Distribution. The plan was to meet Radek Czastkiewicz from Elementary Crew and hit some rails in Katowice or nearby Bjelsko Bjala where they supposedly got 25cm of new snow on Friday.

I took a 6h train ride to Vienna and then 5h car drive to Katowice, sadly just to turn back. The first day of calendar spring and few warm days before really took heavy toll on the snow so most of the stuff is not rideable, basically just melting water and its not worth staying. At least they have at least 50 different brands of beer so not everything is lost, haha…

All sorts of action

Diversity is heart beat of creativity and i couldn`t agree more. This week every day was different. First me and Luka Bizjak started the season early while it was really warm and it felt nice to be skateboarding again.

Then we got to surf for two days in Adriatic sea which is such a rare event when you depend on windswell and short fetch. Went to Lignano first, then scored an epic Medulin with no wind and surfed for two and half hours in freezing cold because it was just that much fun! Check the video below…

Soelden part 2.

Shooting freeride is what I love the most, probably cause anything pretty much looks great when you get loads of fresh snow, hehe.
Qparks sent Untouched crew in Soelden and it turned out to be the radest place for freeriding. Like everywhere in Alps the whole mountain could really use some hard snowfall but there was some fresh pow nontheless. We got a guide/photographer Rudi Wyhlidal, who knows this place like his own pocket and makes super great photos.
The first day the whole mountain was in a cloud so Bine, Matevž and I just checked the place out and got pumped for the second day. We woke up into a bluebird skies and it was on! We hit the gullies for breakfast, got some pow turns and then moved upper the glacier. We were looking for a nice spot to build a kicker but the snow conditions just didn`t allow big jumps while the rocks were somewhere just inches bellow the surface. But there are some really nice spots we would gladly return to…
Rudi showed us some fun pillows and smaller lines and even I got some turns in between shoots which just made my day.
Next day we were so motivated that we went back first thing in the morning and shoot some more stuff before the Freestyle Feast begun. Guys went chillin, I went filming and after such good start everything falls into place by itself… Enjoy the video!

Soelden part 1.

Last weekend I have spent in Soelden for two seperate shootings for Qparks. We did some freeriding with Untouched crew (more about that in the next blog) and I had to cover Soelden Freestyle Feast 2011. It was super mellow gettogether, sunny weather, great tunes and good vibes. Goodies and some cash was handed over for best tricks and we had a blast jam session with Ooz and speaker Jonel after the showdown. Check the video for more…

Sella Nevea with Untouched crew

It was one of the busiest weekends this season. From Thursday to Saturday I was in Soelden with Bine Žalohar and Matevž Pristavec to film a freeride shoot for Qparks and maybe get some footy for the Untouched project. Report is in the making so stay tuned for some story, photos and video.

Matevž Maček who is also a member of Untouched crew won this years Freeride Battle on Kanin and I was so stoked when I heard the news. Congratulations bro!

On Sunday the whole crew went on Sella Nevea where we built a descent sized roller and shoot some lines. I also got to try out new glidetrack which is pretty fun to play with. The shots are stacking up!

Untouched Project update and Jibrothers on Vogel Mt.

The Untouched crew had been really busy lately. We`ve been scouting the mountains for some good snow, trying to film some kikers and Bine got crowned national champion in Big Air for the 6th time in a row. Congrats bro!
Tommorow half of our crew is leaving for Soelden to film some freeriding for Qparks and our project as well and we are all hyped to check what Tirol has to offer.

Meanwhile I still got some free time to film with my skier friends. Jibrothers is Andraž Šparovec and Agron Imeri and they are all about having good time and its always fun to hang around with these guys. Here are some tricks from Vogel park.