Euphoria by Argon Films

Argon Films is presenting the teaser to their new project Euphoria!

Euphoria is a project from my friend Michael Putz and some other guys. They say they are “a bunch of professional multi media heads with a deep connection to snowboarding” and they really go full on pro, as I witnessed in Val Senales, Italy.

The teaser is simply a bomb and well worth checking, so click play below!

Concrete waves of Basque (part 3): Tarnos

Five or six years ago I went on a surprise skate trip with some Swiss guys I met in surf camp in France. They told me we will hit some cool skatepark in Tarnos with lots of pools which they seem really into…

Well, they sure knew what they were talking about, because the place is a paradise! It is the smallest park imaginable but it has two pools that connect with a spine, a miniramp with an extension and a curved bowl end and another mini which has one curved side and the other with a hip break. To make things even better they built a short snakerun last year that can be ridden both ways if you know the right lines.

We had a blast, skated for at least four hours, since you just could not get enough of the trannies. The locals are a bunch of mellow guys and totally shredding, so go check the place if you are passing by…

Concrete waves of Basque (part 2): R.I.P. Carhartt Pirate Ship Pool

This time I went a little further out of Basque, to Aquitaine in France. Last year I saw this sick wooden pool in an old pirate ship in front of Carhartt outlet store. Unfortunately I did not have my skateboard at the time, so I was really looking forward to curve this beauty this summer.

As it turns out, the pool is under construction or getting shut down… sadly it did not look like they were rebuilding it thou… all I can say it was a bummer… just imagine the lines with the oververt bowl, haha.

Loveolution III droppin’ soon!

I met Seppi Scholler a.k.a. Dr. Love two years ago in Laax and we just clicked instantly.

He is one hella motivated guy, always down for anything and 24/7 one man show. We had two filming missions this year, one really successful and one crazy scouting for the last patches of snow, haha.

He and the rest of the guys at Love Distribution are dropping a new video soon, it is the third in the row of Loveolution series. With names like Seppi, Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Matevž Pristavec and more, it is looking to be crazy! Check the trailer below…

Bamboo presents Good Times Rollin’!

“Good times rollin’” is the upcoming snowboard film by Bamboo Motion Pictures.

I had the pleasure of filming with two of the guys riding for them, Rudi Janda and Gerald Fuchs, when we were on a mission in Helsinki. They are super cool guys and the rest of the crew ripps as well, so its going to be on hell of a video.

Check the trailer below, full movie drops in Fall 2011!

First in series of Ujuclips

As you know I take care of video stuff at Ujusansa. In summer my work consists of mainly filming everything that goes down in the camp and putting together clips for every group.

One clip per group consists of waves they surfed, so they can show their moms, grandmas and friends whats up and maybe brag a little, haha.

The second one, called Ujuclip, is more all around vibe type. It is pretty standardized as far as “story” goes, yet I tried to play around with timelapses and night shots a lot, while I am totally fascinated by the power of DSLRs and remote controllers.

Here is the first in the series of Ujuclips, they are coming up until the end of September, but I will not be posting them all. You can see them on Ujusansa’s Vimeo site.