Inmate video premieres on national TV

My first music video premiered on national TV… pretty tight!

Inmate band are releasing their debut album and had an interview in a music show on RTV Slo, called Aritmija.

It has been pretty wild road for them, touring Germany with big names like Dark Tranquility, going through various changes and recording the album (the right way) all over again. Finally, the album goes out this weekend, accompanied with their first music video and the concerts following… check it all out on the link below!

Inmate feature on Aritmija (section 29min and on)

Adventures with Untouched project in Kosovo

Snowboarding has taken me to some amazing places, but I never imagined we would be filming in mountains of Kosovo in such short time after the war!

It all went so quick, I did not even get a chance to rest after the filming missions in Oetz, we were already driving to the South. I was so excited I did not even realize where we are going, until we came back to Slovenia actually!

I feel like home pretty much everywhere in former Yugoslavian countries. I speak just enough of the language and I tend to get in the mix pretty fast. And it is super easy, while all of our former “brothers” are open, warm and pure! I really dig that kind of vibes and they make sure they enhance your experience of the places you visit.

We also had the best crew ever. Maček finally shined at his best and showed that he is hands down most versatile Slovenian rider… probably ever. Pristo was true coach, helping the young guys and still pushing it, although he has a nasty shoulder injury. Domen got shitload of shots in three days, which is big respect, for someone who did not get a chance to ride the whole season, like some of us. Katja and Domen, as the photographers, are like jing and jang and that really flies. We got all the aspects of the trip covered, which is important for our project. Matej Gostinčar was also with us, so my work was made a lot less stressful, because I can really trust him to get the job done properly and focus on other stuff. And last but not least, young guns, Mičo and Žiga, were surely the best pick for this trip. They ride everything, they are hard working and they do not back down until things are finished. What else would you want?!

It was the best trip for Untouched, not that others sucked, but this one wins with the crew, the vibes, the exotica of the place and the bag of footage we are now sitting on… stoked and relieved at the same time, haha!

3 Second Movie Contest

Surfrider Foundation put out an interesting video contest. The edit has to be something about water and three seconds long. Yep, three seconds!

I usually have to convince people that less is more and that nobody watches a seventeen minute long reports about some random happening, so this thing was challenging from the get go.

Katja and me both had an idea about it, but could not decide which one flies better. So I did both, one more serious and one that is supposed to be funny. Check them below…

High speed paraski in Planica

Today I finally met Gal Jakič, Slovenian paraskier, a competitor in fast disciplines and an all around skier who likes to try new stuff in his spare time. We are also hoping to get some of his powder shots for the Untouched project and I it was nice to see his face after all the mails, hehe.

We went to Planica, our biggest hill jump, which used to be the largest in the world and where people have flow over 100m and 200m barriers for the first time in history.

Gal will be riding a flag down the hill on Saturday’s opening ceremony, so he wanted to try how much speed and control he will have. It is a giant steep slope and you are measured to get more than 100kmh till the end. And there is no other way than just going straight!

He was pretty confident and relaxed in the car, but naturally got a bit stage fright, when we parked in the run out. After seeing this happen the next moment, he got even more concerned, but shook it off instantly and started preparing.

He handled it with ease, went for two times and got over 120kmh mark. Pretty inspiring…

Tirol with Untouched crew

I wanted to go back to Soelden with Untouched sometime in this season, as we had pretty successful shoot there last year. The mountains there have a lot of potential, but we could not go all out, while there was shitloads of sharks underneath.

This time we scored even better. New snow on Soelden and a promising Hochoetz resort were the bomb. It was a freeride mission basically, with our most experienced team member, Matevž Maček, and young skier, Andraž Šparovec.

We really pushed it from dusk till dawn each day, husling to get tickets, hiking woods and lines, late for the last lift everyday and then still filming scenics until sun went down.

It was hard core four days, but it payed off, like always when you put so much effort in it. More about the trip on Untouched blog

Two month dose of clips for Qparks

February and March were busy months for me.

I have been to Oetztal with Untouched (more about it on Untouched site and in a blog tomorrow), doing various other projects and driving back and forth for Qparks shootings.

Planneralm Oldschool was pretty crazy and it was snowing so I was amped up as always. Spent two cool days with DC crew in Kitzbuhel. Return to my last years favorite, Kitzsteinhorn, for Oakley Talent Days and encountered the most crowded Planai ever at Atomic Experience Day.

Most relaxed and productive was hands down the Gastein Sessions, where I got to take some Slovenian young guns with me. Snowboarders Luka and Peter Podlogar and skier Agron Imeri get the best crew award this year in advance, haha.

Clips below…