B.I.G. Sunday for Slovenian surfers!

Big swell hit Portugal today and we were all on our toes if the famous Supertubos would be riddable, because we wanted to see, film and maybe even ride one of the fastest beachbreaks in Europe. It was closing out heavily, so we headed on to Conselacao reef, which was looking pretty big from afar.

Conselacao lefts were four meters plus, light offshore and no one out. Jernej Rakušček and Kostja Polc were the first one to give it a try, while the rest of us agreed it is no shame in walking away on a day like this, haha.

Jernej really scored, taking five waves and even pulled into a barrel and Kostja got a bomb that knocked him of the board.

Andraž Rakušček and Iztok Južnič Žonta manned up for a second session, which was also heavy as hell. Andraž got his leash ripped and got a swim of his life to the beach and Izi took a big cleaner set on the head while paddling out… they both got a taste of the waves as well and Andraž and Jernej even went for another session while the sun was setting down…

Down to Portugal

We have spent a portion of our vacation in France first, next in Basque and then moved to Cantabria in Spain. We did some exploring on the coast, skateboarding, surfing, sightseeing, went to Picos de Europa and just filmed when felt necessary. Allthough you are on well deserved time off, one can not resist taking a camera out wherever he is, especially if it is all new and fresh.


Few days ago we joined our friends on the Ujusansa Surfari Portugal to Peniche. We are staying in a really nice house in Baleal with a wiev directly to the Lagide reef. It just does not get better than this for the last part of the holidays and you really get creative again, while it is picturesque, warm and the waves pumping!

Concrete waves of Cantabria (part 12): Somo

The waves took a little time off in Cantabria, Spain, so the best way to get some surf like riding was to go check the Somo skatepark.

The park is brand new, has a sick bowl with an extension, a oververted wave wall and few smaller trannies. I had a mellow session with the guys from Zaragoza, who also gave me good advice where to go in our next stop in Portugal…

Concrete waves of Cantabria (part 11): Noja

I always check for good skateparks around where we travel and this one in Noja, Cantabria, looked really worth checking out.

It is a combination of a snake run, miniramp and a pool end, all in one bowl! Sadly it is not well maintained. You can just ride the ramp part or pump around, which is not how you would go at it, if the top layer would not be in such bad shape. I was really bummed, but the crazy graffiti were something cool to see…

Concrete waves of Asturias (part 10): Streets of Aviles

Our german friends wanted to do a little surf tripping as the swell forecast was kind of huge. They went further west, to Asturias, where they had some good reef spots in mind, and Katja and I were happy to join.

On the second day of our travels we passed by this cool looking street spot in the town of Aviles, Asturias. Despite the rough grounds, it was pretty sick just pumping down the streets and doing little carves as it felt like surfing the concrete…

Concrete waves of Cantabria (part 9): St. Vincent de la Barquera

After quick stop in home camp Zarautz, we went further to meet our friends in St. Vincent de la Barquera, Cantabria.

Cantabria is next region from Basque, if you travel west, and it really is a whole different country… the culture, the people, the scenics, everything changes when you pass Santander and you enter a lot more quiet and lonesome realm of Spain.

After the “mandatory” surf session with Basti and Benno, we had to go check the local skateramp. It is under the old castle ruins by the river, surely the most beautiful setting so far, but sadly the ramp sucks… no real coping to get a lock, few metal plates sticking out and sort of slippery… yet we had a fun session with the local soccer kids, who seemed to enjoy skateboarding as much as they like kicking the ball around, so not all is lost, haha.

Concrete waves of Basque (part 8): Irun megapark

There is a little city, called Irun, right at the border between France and Spain. No big deal… if they would not have the greatest skatepark in the whole Basque!

This thing is amazing. It consists of the street part, which is really well rounded, lines flow nicely and it has something for every type of skateboarders.

But the real deal is the pool part. Trannies of all shapes and sizes, from bowls, spines, boobs, walls, extensions… you cannot really imagine until you see it!

And it is not all!!! They also have a legit pool, meaning real concrete coping, blue tiles at the vert part of the tranny and 2.5m big. Yes, that is legit!

Concrete waves of Basque (part 7): Labenne

Katja and I have left Hossegor when the WCT surf competition ended and headed for Spain. Before we made a short stop in Labenne, France.

Our friends recommeded checking the beach, while there is a little skatepark with a brand new bowl. Its is simply amazing. Two depths and a thick spine in between make this tranny really shreddable. Some quick lines and relaxed session with the local kids was a good break and a nice motivation before we went on with the trip…

Untouched project teaser and webpage coming!

Winter is not far away and the Untouched Project has already started the new season!

I have been editing night and day for the past week on the road. Tent, car, parking lots, “borrowed” electricity from a local bar, diet of coffee and energy drinks… everything for a good cause, hehe.

The new Untouched teaser will be aired today at the slovenian Rip Curl GUM premiere and in few days we are also launching a new webpage for the project where you will be able to see the teaser online, so stay in touch!