Austrian tour

It sure is season for hitting parks. I got three day filming around Austria and at Qparks they are really cool and let you to take two riders with you. Dejan Hodžič and Andraž Šparovec were nice enough to go with me and it was destined to be a fun trip. We rode some fresh snow in Planai, got to see the Red Bull Playstreets course in the making in Bad Gastein and wrapped things up in super mellow Waidring. On the road home we got a message that is already snowing in Slovenia which got us super hyped for the upcoming weekend!

Qparks Goldies

There is a lot going on in snowparks around Europe, so at Qparks we do a little “Best of …” clip every month. This time I got the chance to edit the January Goldies and it even got shown on ISPO. Its two separate clips, one for snb and one for ski. Enjoy!

Days like this…

After editing for three nights straight (seeing few colourful sunrises before bed time its a nice perk thou), I really needed some break from the computer work… and today turned into one really creative evening. When clouds and light get to play together like this, it makes my work just effortless and fun! Got a load of nice scenics and few cool ideas while enjoying some quality spent sparetime.

Back from Austria

Me, George and Rako were on Planai where I had some  shootings for Qparks and the boys did the Plan P competiton which is a part of Qparks Tour. We got some stuff done and Žiga even got 3rd so it turned out to be a really productive weekend. Congrats to Rako and expect some edits soon…