Concrete waves of Basque (part 4): Vertroof museum


Ujusansa surf camp has finished with the end of September and my work there is done, yet photographer Katja Pokorn and I are staying in the “area” for few more weeks on a skate/surf trip.

First stop was Biarritz, France.

We found this new age architectures museum, Cite de la Ocean, which has a vert ramp shaped roof. The grounds are rough as hell, but the tranny looks pretty easy thou.

It is waiting… for someone with big wheels and even bigger balls, haha!

First in series of Ujuclips

As you know I take care of video stuff at Ujusansa. In summer my work consists of mainly filming everything that goes down in the camp and putting together clips for every group.

One clip per group consists of waves they surfed, so they can show their moms, grandmas and friends whats up and maybe brag a little, haha.

The second one, called Ujuclip, is more all around vibe type. It is pretty standardized as far as “story” goes, yet I tried to play around with timelapses and night shots a lot, while I am totally fascinated by the power of DSLRs and remote controllers.

Here is the first in the series of Ujuclips, they are coming up until the end of September, but I will not be posting them all. You can see them on Ujusansa’s Vimeo site.

Capbreton Dawn Patrol

I am back at work in Zarautz and first thing I had to do, was catching up with surfing, hehe.

Katja Pokorn and Domen Bizjak, members of Untouched Crew, are also here, so we did some short trips. We caught few glassy sessions in nearby Deba for starters, which is not so common in Spain when the swell hits.

Main course was a trip to Capbreton, France, full on dawn patrol, but well worth the pain. After two hours of sleep and some chocolate croissants we were ready for the fast shorebreak action near the picturesque WW2 bunkers.

Short film “Surfing Basque Country”

This is my first sort of scripted short film that I filmed past summer in Spain, where I work for Ujusansa surf camp.

“Surfing Basque Country” is a three month filming project and I mainly tried to show you the vibes of Basque Country and the way we spent our summer. At first I wanted to do a documentary type of thing, with the voiceover and all, but when I looked at the bigger picture, it would be way over the top. I think its a fun little video that says it all and should be taken with ease, just like in true Basque spirit, haha.

Hope you like it!

Barbariga at last!

We do not get to surf very often in Adriatic, maybe like 20 to 30 days per year, and its always Medulin. But there is a nice lefthander in Barbariga that works maybe once a year, when the winds, tides and stars align just right.

After five or more unsuccessful check-ups in past three years, we finally nailed it on Sunday! Although it was small to medium size for this spot, it is for sure the best wave near Slovenia and it was International Surfing Day, therefore the best possible time to get a ride there!

Medulin gathering

Few days ago me and few friends went to Medulin to catch some waves before leaving for Spain at the end of June.

The forecast was tricky (isn`t it always?), but everybody went with the “if you don`t go, you don`t know” system and everything turned in an unplanned slovenian surf community gettogether. Waves were small yet glassy, so everyone got a bite!