Inmate music video

Now and then the times get ruff and you need to do some extra work for a little spending money. People usually do weddings for that matter but I prefer concerts. At least you get a cold beer with some good music, haha.

The coolest thing is that you also meet talented musicians that can help you with the music for your other projects. One of them were Inmate, which is a metal band of five down-to-earth guys who are coming up big time. They are a really motivated bunch who work really hard to always improve, thus I liked them from the start. The concert shooting turned out really well, so Aleš contacted me to do a proper music video with them. They did an excellent job finding a nice place in Velenje and after a lot of planning and equipment borrowing we hit the stage.

I had some ideas that worked nicely, the key grips Črt and Klemen did an amazing job and Dado took care for everything else. It was excruciating 16 hours of work but all and all it went great! Video will be out in late Autumn…