Capbreton Dawn Patrol

I am back at work in Zarautz and first thing I had to do, was catching up with surfing, hehe.

Katja Pokorn and Domen Bizjak, members of Untouched Crew, are also here, so we did some short trips. We caught few glassy sessions in nearby Deba for starters, which is not so common in Spain when the swell hits.

Main course was a trip to Capbreton, France, full on dawn patrol, but well worth the pain. After two hours of sleep and some chocolate croissants we were ready for the fast shorebreak action near the picturesque WW2 bunkers.

Ujusansa tapes ready for phase four

I have been documenting surfing since I started to ride the waves and my main focus was getting coverage of surfing in Istra. Surfing community in Slovenia is really small but pretty tight so eventually everybody becomes your surfmate and friend.

Andraž and Klemen at surf club Ujusansa were actually the first ones to offer me a legit job as far as filming goes. They are kind of responsible to kick start my career and I am really thankful for that.

Ujusansa organizes Slovenian nationals and surf camps and I have been doing various stuff for them for few years now. It is cool as they let me do pretty much whatever I want.

This year we want to present a short movie from Ujusansa Surf Kemp in Zarautz, Spain. It is a perfect place to learn surfing, the easygoing Basque vibe is addicting and some of the best beachbreaks in Europe, like Mundaka and Hossegor, are just an hour drive away.

I have shot 24 tapes of footage this summer… which means 24 hours of capturing time… plus 24 hours of clip checking… not to mention that we got some 7d and gopro footy also… and few tapes from last years sessions in France… it should be enough I guess, haha. Expect the premiere in June!