Prettiest Medulin ever

We all know the basic rule about surfing Medulin: “If you don’t go, you don’t know!”

On Wednesday it looked it was almost worthless. Windblown, no walls and raining like hell. But the forecast was right, the wind turned right on time and we got ourselves a really nice sunset session. It was not the best Medulin ever, but for sure was the most beautiful one!

Just sitting in the lineup and watching orange tinted sprays was like a filmers porn, haha.

Days like this…

After editing for three nights straight (seeing few colourful sunrises before bed time its a nice perk thou), I really needed some break from the computer work… and today turned into one really creative evening. When clouds and light get to play together like this, it makes my work just effortless and fun! Got a load of nice scenics and few cool ideas while enjoying some quality spent sparetime.