Loveolution 4 is on its way!

Love is droppin’ their fourth video and here is a short teas of what to expect… from sketchy streets to backcountry double corks, spiced with some other extreme stuff from the Love family, it is for sure something to look forward!

Sadly I have not got the time to film with them as much as I would like for this one, but I sent them footy from Untouched‘s finest, Matevž Pristavec, so click for a little sneak peak…

Take care of your filmer!

Summer is a time when skiers and snowboarders are mostly chillin’. But it is also a time when everybody needs to gather their footy for the upcoming videos and promos before the next winter.

Seppi Scholler and friends at Love are making their fourth full length video and I have send them Matevž Pristavec’s footy, so expect probably best part ever from MP also in the Loveolution IV! (Online right after Untouched project premieres ;))

What I did not expect was the coolest thankyou package from Seppi. I tought it is going to be some clothing, but it was way better. A Lomokino cam!

I love “toys” like that, instant shooting rules, haha. Me and my friend Luka Šmid filmed on VHS back in the days and I recently discovered my grandfathers 8mm (sadly not working), which hyped me to get my hands on this type of camera ever since… thanks bro, really appreciate it!

Dachstein Love week

Snow shootings are pretty much over, glacier season is on… it is chill time.

Love organized a team week on Dachstein and unfortunately I had no time to film with them this year, so I was hyped to see my friends after a long time. It was more or less sun bathing, beers and doing laps with homies. I am sort of fed up with parks at the end of every winter, yet I had a blast! Now, I even plan to get back soon as possible, haha.

Thanks Seppi for everything… Love podcast should be online in a week, so stay tuned!

LOVEOLUTION III is online!!!

My friends at Love Distribution have finished their third movie and it simply bangin`!

I have been honoured to film some stuff with them and hoping to do more in the coming seasons as well… Check all the crazy snowboard action from Seppi Scholler, Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Matevž Pristavec and others (plus some bmx, skate and stunt riding skills for the icing). Movie below and also available for download on their webpage…

Loveolution III droppin’ soon!

I met Seppi Scholler a.k.a. Dr. Love two years ago in Laax and we just clicked instantly.

He is one hella motivated guy, always down for anything and 24/7 one man show. We had two filming missions this year, one really successful and one crazy scouting for the last patches of snow, haha.

He and the rest of the guys at Love Distribution are dropping a new video soon, it is the third in the row of Loveolution series. With names like Seppi, Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Matevž Pristavec and more, it is looking to be crazy! Check the trailer below…

The Simon Chamberlain rail and camera malfunction

The forecast was unfortunatelly correct. In the morning it was still dry so we went to this pretty big gap to rail that Simon Chamberlain frontside boardslides in Cheers video. Because we already prepared the kicker yesterday, it was not that much work (for a change haha). As soon as I got my camera out it started to drizzle and then it went from bad to worse in matter of minutes. We filmed anyway but them my XH-A1s got a wierd malfunction. I guess the moisture in the air was really high, because I had raincover on it and it still got wet somehow. Fuchsi lend me his 7D with the fisheye so everything was back on track and we got some shots at least. The plan was to hit the triple kink, but after we were soaked to our bones so we wrapped things up for the day.

Tommorow I am leaving Finland which is too bad while it should be sunny for days from now on and its even snowing at the moment. However it was one hell of a trip. Got to film with the best crew, met some new people and heard saddest lifestory of some old finnish ski jumper. Life is funny, strange and fucked up at the same time I guess, but he had a lot of knowledge to share. The only thing I will not be missing is the horrible snoring from an Indian guy and crazy flashy gizmos from Japanese couple, haha.

Rainy day and some spot fixing

We were totally burned out after yesterdays midnight shovelling, yet we still got ourselves together and went for the Helgasons rail in the morning. It was a cloudy day with some sprinkling rain and the mood was not the best at first, but after some hammers went down we all started to feel a lot better.

Rudi also wanted to do the elbow rail which turned into a fun session that felt really relaxing after 6 hours of fisheye shooting. Afterwards we went to check some spots for tommorow and fixed a broken triple kink. Allthough the weather forecast is not good, we are still hoping it will hold for our last day in Finland…

The day of the Shovel and the Helgasons rail

Day two in Helsinki was super exhausting. First thing we wanted to do was a eurogap to rail, shovelling for two hours and unfortunatelly it did not work out with speed so we moved all the snow to hit it downwards. Fuchsi came out with a nice 50-50 360 out on the kinked rail with the donkey dick and slammed pretty hard few times while trying to fs boardslide it.

We moved to the second rail of the day with a pretty big drop on the other side but the guys really went for it. Pretty much everyone killed it, especially Denis from Russia who is a one hella rail slayer. The day ended with super colourful sunset which was nice after a hard day of work.

When we got a little energy back we were planning to do some spot checking but we already found this pefect kinked rail just few minutes from our hostel. Rumour has it that Hellgason brothers wanted to ride it and were diggin it for two days and then had to leave without hitting it and there really was a wall of ice on the last part of the rail. After three hours of midnight ice and back breaking action we got it cleared and we gonna do it first thing tommorow! Thanks to German hitchhiker Stefan for much needed help and Jagermaister!

Seeing rabbits in Finland

No its not drugs! Actually its kinda hard to get even a beer here at times, while they have the same alcohol law as in Slovenia. No beer after 21h, which sucks when you are working till 22h, haha. But there are real rabbits running around in the middle of the streets and owls chilling in the trees as you were in the middle of the woods! Crazy but so cool…

Me and Seppi were planing this filming trip for the whole season and while we had little luck in Poland, we went a bit more safe this time… to freezing cold Finland! They still have a lot of snow, if you step a half meter of the path you get knee deep in slushy white. Seppi also invited Gerald Fuchs and Rudi Janda so its a nice group of very motivated people. We got some shots the first day already and tommorow we get some more company, Russian rail killer Denis Leontyev and two photogs, so its looking really good! Stay tuned for more in the upcoming days…