First day back… already packing for more!

I spent past two months in Ujusansa surf camp, worked and surfed my ass off, haha.

It was rad as ever, cool crew, cool kids and banging surf conditions for a generally pretty average break. And with no lack of good skateparks nearby even downdays are rideable…

It was hot as hell all the time, no wetsuits for weeks, but who would complain over that one, hehe…

Also check more of Katja’s Surf-a-grams to stay in tune with the happening in Spain…

I will be posting the new series of Ujuclips tomorrow before the Untouched crew hits the road to Chile! It is going to be a blast for sure!

Making of Luža teaser

This year I am responsible for video part of the Luža contest.

It is a annual event, where skiers and snowboarders are trying to get over a pool of freezing water or sending the best trick into it. All goes on in a fun three day spring session on Krvavec with all sorts of happening, so I really look forward to the main event.

First thing of my work was to film them a nice teaser, based on the story continuing from the last year. We were doing a lot of branding and a lot of driving, but it is a well organized team working on it, so my job was pretty easy. Teaser will be up in the start of March, so stay tuned…

Concrete waves of Spain (last part): Algorta heaven

My explorations of the surf route from France to Portugal had come to an end last week.

Katja and me made 11000+ km, seen, surfed, skated and experienced so many things I could write a book. It truly was the trip of my life, with ups and downs and everything in between. It is good to go abroad for such a long time, so you re-learn where your real home is and who your true friends are.

On the way back we just had to do another stop: Algorta, Cantabria.

Every transition lover and true skater has seen this wonder of a skatepark in skate movies, so we could not just drive by not to get a little feel of it. The park is super good for surf style shredding, but I mainly wanted to ride the blue pool (now its actually black).

It looked kind of abandoned, full of trash and the locals riding everything else but this… and you learn quickly why. I can say without any shame I was scared after a long time, while it is so steep you think you are free falling into a pit of doom! Nonetheless I think my friends Uroš and Šmid would love it, but you really have to give a pile of respect to all the pros who ride it properly!

Concrete waves of Basque (part 7): Labenne

Katja and I have left Hossegor when the WCT surf competition ended and headed for Spain. Before we made a short stop in Labenne, France.

Our friends recommeded checking the beach, while there is a little skatepark with a brand new bowl. Its is simply amazing. Two depths and a thick spine in between make this tranny really shreddable. Some quick lines and relaxed session with the local kids was a good break and a nice motivation before we went on with the trip…

Concrete waves of Basque (part 3): Tarnos

Five or six years ago I went on a surprise skate trip with some Swiss guys I met in surf camp in France. They told me we will hit some cool skatepark in Tarnos with lots of pools which they seem really into…

Well, they sure knew what they were talking about, because the place is a paradise! It is the smallest park imaginable but it has two pools that connect with a spine, a miniramp with an extension and a curved bowl end and another mini which has one curved side and the other with a hip break. To make things even better they built a short snakerun last year that can be ridden both ways if you know the right lines.

We had a blast, skated for at least four hours, since you just could not get enough of the trannies. The locals are a bunch of mellow guys and totally shredding, so go check the place if you are passing by…

Concrete waves of Basque (part 2): R.I.P. Carhartt Pirate Ship Pool

This time I went a little further out of Basque, to Aquitaine in France. Last year I saw this sick wooden pool in an old pirate ship in front of Carhartt outlet store. Unfortunately I did not have my skateboard at the time, so I was really looking forward to curve this beauty this summer.

As it turns out, the pool is under construction or getting shut down… sadly it did not look like they were rebuilding it thou… all I can say it was a bummer… just imagine the lines with the oververt bowl, haha.