Colours event teas

Colours is a artist collective based in my home town, Kranj. They say that “…in music no size, shape or colour is inappropriate. Anything goes. It’s just how creative you are in welding them together thus building your own rainbow of sounds. As colours are, music can also be artificially composed or purely organic. It can fade away in a couple of moments after it was revealed or it can last forever. Some might like it and some might not. It triggers emotions. It takes you away. It connects you to other beautiful minds. It can work as a background for your personal soul-searching or as a media for expressing your deepest passions, moods and feelings. Anything that you see or imagine while listening to the music, no matter how tangible or abstract, bares some dye. Welcome to our world of Colours in which we’ve combined the power of music with the influence of colours.”

It is super nice to be part of a creative group like this, we already have some cool ideas for their campaign, so stay tuned!

Here is the teaser for their upcoming event in K4, drop by and show your true colours…

Without Warning video

There has been a lot said about a journey called “making your first music video”. Inmate music spot is out, it is getting coverage and the guys are representing everywhere on Slovenian alternative and metal scene (Zarolaj, Rockline, Rocker, Rockthestage, Profanity, Paranoid-zine…).

It was fun, it was hard, it is all over… till the next one, which we want to start shooting in June!

Check the video below…

Inmate video premieres on national TV

My first music video premiered on national TV… pretty tight!

Inmate band are releasing their debut album and had an interview in a music show on RTV Slo, called Aritmija.

It has been pretty wild road for them, touring Germany with big names like Dark Tranquility, going through various changes and recording the album (the right way) all over again. Finally, the album goes out this weekend, accompanied with their first music video and the concerts following… check it all out on the link below!

Inmate feature on Aritmija (section 29min and on)

Pirate holidays

When I started to skate, the culture was all about punk rock and hardcore. It engulfed riding, music and attitude and that will probably stick with my perception of what skateboarding should be forever. And I will be a skateboarder forever. Period!

Past weekend we had an unique opportunity to see and hear a handful of punk rock legends and heroes of our youth at Punk Rock Holiday 1.1 in Tolmin. Bad Religion, NoFX, Strung Out, Hot Water Music, Real Mckenzies, Bouncing Souls… to name just a few, plus some great less famous bands (Street Dogs, Total Chaos…).

It was just ragging three days of beer, grill, eye-patches, water diving, midnight boxing punch-outs and all around shenanigans! It was one of thoose vacations you get home more beat up than before you left. And I mean literary, haha!

Inmate music video

Now and then the times get ruff and you need to do some extra work for a little spending money. People usually do weddings for that matter but I prefer concerts. At least you get a cold beer with some good music, haha.

The coolest thing is that you also meet talented musicians that can help you with the music for your other projects. One of them were Inmate, which is a metal band of five down-to-earth guys who are coming up big time. They are a really motivated bunch who work really hard to always improve, thus I liked them from the start. The concert shooting turned out really well, so Aleš contacted me to do a proper music video with them. They did an excellent job finding a nice place in Velenje and after a lot of planning and equipment borrowing we hit the stage.

I had some ideas that worked nicely, the key grips Črt and Klemen did an amazing job and Dado took care for everything else. It was excruciating 16 hours of work but all and all it went great! Video will be out in late Autumn…

Music Video a.k.a. Planina Wing it Style

My friend Cheba is an amazing rapper and a longtime friend of mine. We have been talking about doing a ghetto music video for years, mostly just messing with an ideas and postponing it until we get stuff right.

He had a good friend Maylay Sparks coming to visit and he really wanted to include him, so we just decided to film some b-side footy of the guys in the studio and chillin together. After a week of getting things together everybody “from tha hood” brought something to the table and now its a full on project.

Grega Švabič came through with his Alphanoisestudio, Aljoša Korenčan operated his Steadycam, Boardel and gipsyANDclown pinched in some clothes, Optika Monokel some shades, Simon Žnidar and Domen Bizjak helped with lenses, Luka Šmid got us some lights, Trke did the music and Cheba, Maylay and H.O.B.S took care of their business. This it how it works when all involved are doing it for the pure love of it, but for a no budget project is looking pretty great. Basically, we were just winging it and having lots of fun!