3 Second Movie Contest

Surfrider Foundation put out an interesting video contest. The edit has to be something about water and three seconds long. Yep, three seconds!

I usually have to convince people that less is more and that nobody watches a seventeen minute long reports about some random happening, so this thing was challenging from the get go.

Katja and me both had an idea about it, but could not decide which one flies better. So I did both, one more serious and one that is supposed to be funny. Check them below…

Introducing: Hungarian snowboard video, Hét Év Hidegben

My friend and coworker at Qparks, Hambalkó Bálint is the Hungarian video wizard. He really puts in the extra mile to get cool shots, story or whatever the plan is.

This year he released first proper Hungarian snowboard video, called Hét Év Hidegben, which means “Seven years in cold weather” (accourding to Google’s translation). It is a journey from the beginnings of Hungarian snowboard scene to present times and you can see the guys are evoliving in matters of tricks, style, filming, everything!

You are invited to check the video on Kronikavideomag site for fully enjoyment or just click below…