Eat my dirt!

My friends at Mountainboard Slovenia started to build a mountainboard track under our local hill. There is a cool short video on their site to get a clue whats up.

I have to many hobbies and to little time already, but this looked so much like snowboarding, I just knew this is it, haha. We have been improving and shredding the course for the past month and it just gets sicker and longer every week. Its a perfect starting point and the crew is super cool there, so don not hesitate to drop by if you are in need of some summer freeride stoke!

Widen your experience

Many of my friends are really into kiteboarding and its actually a very versatile sport. You can hit any surface from dirt to water to snow so its never boring.

I went to film the first takes for a short commercial for which is a cool little project with no real deadline yet. Basically it was just relaxed fun day out with friends while trying to get a hold of the dynamics of the sport they love.