From salty drops to icy flakes

Winter pattern of “surfing one day, riding pow the next” is what you are dreaming of from December on, but this time it started early!

A sizeable amount of snow pilled in the mountains already and of course you can not count on building big powder kickers anytime soon, but everybody is getting into winter vibes with riding pipes and random jibs.


This cool tree jib was so much fun. I love progressive tricks brought into natural environment, it just shows true skills. And some green moss on the side of the trees really makes the icing on the shots for me, hehe.

Everybody was really motivated although it rained pretty bad. I can not wait for the real winter!

Went skateboarding day

Today was the annual “go skateboarding day”, a tradition which started in 2004.

KDC does not really need a yearly reminder about that, as we skate as much as we can anyways, hehe.

We also found some cool hills these days and Šmid, who is all about speed, finally got some footy. Kids wear gloves and helmets… falling takes toll every single time. Longboarding is fun as hell thou!

Special thanks goes to Chouka who gave us a gem, it is a perfect one… thanks buddy!

Wheels and hills

I have been working on all sorts of projects these days, some for the money, some for the soul… but finally took some time for just pure pleasure, hehe.

Last call before rainy days, we went for the hills after a pretty long time. Luka got himself a new bomber, the board feels like snowboarding on asphalt and brought the longboarding vibes back to the KDC crew. The search for the perfect country road continues…

Filming in Slovenian mountains

I am making it sort of annual to spent few days in Bovec in the last days of the season. I am not much of a park lover, so I skip Dachstein hype and leave for big mountains before summer finally takes over.

This time we even filmed some slush stuff for Untouched project and the rest of it was chilling and good times. You know it is the no stress weekend when Maček comes half drunk to a filming mission, haha.

Good crew, super hot days, beers and swimming mandatory… check loads of photos and a local eating shit on the slush kicker here

Two month dose of clips for Qparks

February and March were busy months for me.

I have been to Oetztal with Untouched (more about it on Untouched site and in a blog tomorrow), doing various other projects and driving back and forth for Qparks shootings.

Planneralm Oldschool was pretty crazy and it was snowing so I was amped up as always. Spent two cool days with DC crew in Kitzbuhel. Return to my last years favorite, Kitzsteinhorn, for Oakley Talent Days and encountered the most crowded Planai ever at Atomic Experience Day.

Most relaxed and productive was hands down the Gastein Sessions, where I got to take some Slovenian young guns with me. Snowboarders Luka and Peter Podlogar and skier Agron Imeri get the best crew award this year in advance, haha.

Clips below…

It is not Sunday everyday

I had a shoot for Qparks in Planneralm today and the best thing was that I was able to take more riders with me than usual. Pristo, Podli and Agi were up for the go and Katja joined to take pictures, so we were packed, hoping for a good park and maybe even some pow. There we should meet with Filip, Tom, Michael and second filmer Killian, so I was looking forward to a serious highlight filming.

It turned out that the forecast with sun in the morning and snowflakes in the afternoon was a bit early. We drove into full on cloudy, snowy and super freezing day. Shit happens sometimes, in a way it is funny, we drove seven hours for a cup of tea, haha.

Luka Bizjak’s old footy edit

Luka Bizjak is one of rare young generation Slovenian rippers. I think he is pretty much one of three kids from Slovenia, who can skate up to European standards right now.

Bizi was a killer since day one, you could see that the raw talent accompanied with clean and mellow style is gonna take him places. We had a lot of super underrated skateboarders coming from Kranj and wider area, like Mitja Močnik and Aleš Perčič, and there is Uroš Kovač, who is a beast and surely one of the best Slovenian skateboarders of all times, but they never got the credit they really deserved. With Luka things are luckily going into different direction.

Over the past years we became good friends and filmed a lot for various sponsor me tapes, that never were allowed to get published due to reasons unknown to me and Luka being a very loyal kid, did not want to get in trouble for it. But finally the time is here and you got a collection of Luka’s mad skills in a short edit below… enjoy!

Trashin` through Easter

After all the holiday feasting and sleeping I also found some time to go hill bombing. My friend Luka Šmid and I have been riding it for fun since we started to skate almost ten years ago and we both have some nice scars to prove it, haha.

This time we went searching for some new tracks… I know it sounds funny but not every bump with asphalt works. There are all kinds of characteristics a perfect hill has to have… steepness has to be just right… as little traffic as possible.. it has to have good and wide road which is not usual for Slovenian countryside… and so on. We spotted some new stuff and got some easy rides although the weather was just not on our side for both days. Moody April weather sux!