Bulgaria with the bosses

I am maybe not getting filthy rich with what I do, but I am for sure getting some sick travel opportunities!

After returning from Kosovo, I was at home for exactly two days, when Grilo gave me a call, if I would maybe like to join him on a trip to Bulgaria. Hell yeah I would like to join, the crazier the country the better!

I did not know who is coming, what we will be doing, not even if there are any serious mountains… so the surprise was even bigger. The crew was Stevie Bell, MFM and Aaron Bittner with the Snowboardermag photographers E-Stone and T-Bird. I got a little starstruck to be honest, I never thought I will be filming with the bosses of snowboarding… ever, haha.

The mountains there are banging, we just did not have the best conditions. Like Stevie said: “With a heli and 2 feet of fresh, you could fuck shit up right here!”. The peaks and valleys are filled with cullies, kicker spots and random features. We all agreed if you hit it just right, you could film a sick videopart in matter of few weeks.

We tried to get something done pretty much every day… we hiked for turns and lines… we build slush corners… we hit some rails… and we partied a lot, haha.

It was the best possible crew, everybody chilled and always up to something, not to mention the amount of laughter on a daily basis. These guys really know how to have a good time!

Thanks to Andrey Balevski and his girls, they really put a lot of effort to show us around, not just the mountain side, but also the Bulgarian culture, cuisine and lifestyle… thanks to Grilo for taking me with him and dealing with all my luggage problems… and special thanks to Bobby Green for the funniest moment of the trip… he thought he was so baked that seeing Stevie in a local bar is a halucination! Cheech and Chong adventures, haha!

Make sure to catch the Snowboardermag report somewhere in autumn, the story will be out of space!