The Old, the Young and the Sea

My good friend Basti Funk is also an enthusiastic surfer and we spent a week of soul tripping around northern Spain last year together. He introduced me one of the most intriguing projects, “The Old, the Young and the Sea” by the Nomad Earth production.

It is about “the people who inhabit, visit, surf and protect” the coasts from France to Portugal, known as “European surf highway”, which is what most of us do in the summer. I had gathered loads of footy in the past four years from all this places, so he invited me to help them out with my archive. I also offered to help him film while we were on the road, why I really enjoy working with him and always learn a lot on the way. We had super good times, surfed breaks I have never been to and saw a great part of Spain, so I enjoyed every bit of it.

Here is the first teaser for the project and make sure to check out all about it on the website

Down to Portugal

We have spent a portion of our vacation in France first, next in Basque and then moved to Cantabria in Spain. We did some exploring on the coast, skateboarding, surfing, sightseeing, went to Picos de Europa and just filmed when felt necessary. Allthough you are on well deserved time off, one can not resist taking a camera out wherever he is, especially if it is all new and fresh.


Few days ago we joined our friends on the Ujusansa Surfari Portugal to Peniche. We are staying in a really nice house in Baleal with a wiev directly to the Lagide reef. It just does not get better than this for the last part of the holidays and you really get creative again, while it is picturesque, warm and the waves pumping!

Concrete waves of Basque (part 6): Biarritz indoor

Biarritz, France, has the rainy days covered.

Alai Skateboards have a big, mostly transition orientated indoor skatepark, just across the street from the train station. It has multiple miniramps, roll-in, quaters of all sizes, walls and the list goes on… Twelve to sixteen year old grooms are poping 540s and front blunts on the biggest trannies and the level goes over the roof if you are lucky enough to catch some of the french top riders dropping by.

For more photos go to the Alai skatepark page.

Concrete waves of Basque (part 4): Vertroof museum


Ujusansa surf camp has finished with the end of September and my work there is done, yet photographer Katja Pokorn and I are staying in the “area” for few more weeks on a skate/surf trip.

First stop was Biarritz, France.

We found this new age architectures museum, Cite de la Ocean, which has a vert ramp shaped roof. The grounds are rough as hell, but the tranny looks pretty easy thou.

It is waiting… for someone with big wheels and even bigger balls, haha!

Concrete waves of Basque (part 3): Tarnos

Five or six years ago I went on a surprise skate trip with some Swiss guys I met in surf camp in France. They told me we will hit some cool skatepark in Tarnos with lots of pools which they seem really into…

Well, they sure knew what they were talking about, because the place is a paradise! It is the smallest park imaginable but it has two pools that connect with a spine, a miniramp with an extension and a curved bowl end and another mini which has one curved side and the other with a hip break. To make things even better they built a short snakerun last year that can be ridden both ways if you know the right lines.

We had a blast, skated for at least four hours, since you just could not get enough of the trannies. The locals are a bunch of mellow guys and totally shredding, so go check the place if you are passing by…

Concrete waves of Basque (part 2): R.I.P. Carhartt Pirate Ship Pool

This time I went a little further out of Basque, to Aquitaine in France. Last year I saw this sick wooden pool in an old pirate ship in front of Carhartt outlet store. Unfortunately I did not have my skateboard at the time, so I was really looking forward to curve this beauty this summer.

As it turns out, the pool is under construction or getting shut down… sadly it did not look like they were rebuilding it thou… all I can say it was a bummer… just imagine the lines with the oververt bowl, haha.