Dachstein Love week

Snow shootings are pretty much over, glacier season is on… it is chill time.

Love organized a team week on Dachstein and unfortunately I had no time to film with them this year, so I was hyped to see my friends after a long time. It was more or less sun bathing, beers and doing laps with homies. I am sort of fed up with parks at the end of every winter, yet I had a blast! Now, I even plan to get back soon as possible, haha.

Thanks Seppi for everything… Love podcast should be online in a week, so stay tuned!

Planneralm sessions

The shooting with Jibrothers for Qparks on Planneralm was one of the best, period.

We drove into a foggy resort, filled with fresh snow. Did some lines, knee deep pow, certainly best breakfast a guy can have anytime in winter.

Later the skies cleared out, sun and bluebird for the rest of the day. Filmed a mellow session with skiers Andraž Šparovec and Uroš Podbevšek and another one with snowboarders Matthias Gober, Flo Galler and Dominick Weghaupt and still had time for another quick powder run before the sunset. Baus day, haha.

Check the session clips below…