Prettiest Medulin ever

We all know the basic rule about surfing Medulin: “If you don’t go, you don’t know!”

On Wednesday it looked it was almost worthless. Windblown, no walls and raining like hell. But the forecast was right, the wind turned right on time and we got ourselves a really nice sunset session. It was not the best Medulin ever, but for sure was the most beautiful one!

Just sitting in the lineup and watching orange tinted sprays was like a filmers porn, haha.

Epic Barbariga

Lets get one thing straight. The word “epic” got pretty warned out these days, just like claiming seems to be the next best thing in surfing all around the world. It is a circus.

It is not epic just because you are there, nor just because it turns glassy. ”Epic” hits once or maybe twice every few years, when you score conditions that usually never happen or have possibly never had happened before. Otherwise it would not be epic. It would be random, regular, classic, whatever.

On Saturday 17.12.2011 Barbariga was epic. Period.

Three years straight it did not even break. This year it worked three times, waist high and choppy. Yesterday it was close to 2m, cleaners even more. If you got caught inside, it washed you in and at least 50m down the coast like a little puppet. The power was unimaginable for waves of Adriatic. It tubed and spit out. Nobody has seen it like that before and some guys out there, were chasing it for almost ten years. This is epic… and hopefully this is a legit time to claim, haha.

Me and Katja documented for about an hour and then I decided to do some helmetcam shots. Which we will maybe never see, because the cam got ripped, ironically, on the smallest wave of the day. Shit luck, yet everybody is invited for some late December scuba diving, haha.

Barbariga at last!

We do not get to surf very often in Adriatic, maybe like 20 to 30 days per year, and its always Medulin. But there is a nice lefthander in Barbariga that works maybe once a year, when the winds, tides and stars align just right.

After five or more unsuccessful check-ups in past three years, we finally nailed it on Sunday! Although it was small to medium size for this spot, it is for sure the best wave near Slovenia and it was International Surfing Day, therefore the best possible time to get a ride there!

Medulin gathering

Few days ago me and few friends went to Medulin to catch some waves before leaving for Spain at the end of June.

The forecast was tricky (isn`t it always?), but everybody went with the “if you don`t go, you don`t know” system and everything turned in an unplanned slovenian surf community gettogether. Waves were small yet glassy, so everyone got a bite!