3 Second Movie Contest

Surfrider Foundation put out an interesting video contest. The edit has to be something about water and three seconds long. Yep, three seconds!

I usually have to convince people that less is more and that nobody watches a seventeen minute long reports about some random happening, so this thing was challenging from the get go.

Katja and me both had an idea about it, but could not decide which one flies better. So I did both, one more serious and one that is supposed to be funny. Check them below…

Making of Luža teaser

This year I am responsible for video part of the Luža contest.

It is a annual event, where skiers and snowboarders are trying to get over a pool of freezing water or sending the best trick into it. All goes on in a fun three day spring session on Krvavec with all sorts of happening, so I really look forward to the main event.

First thing of my work was to film them a nice teaser, based on the story continuing from the last year. We were doing a lot of branding and a lot of driving, but it is a well organized team working on it, so my job was pretty easy. Teaser will be up in the start of March, so stay tuned…

Qparks Goldies

There is a lot going on in snowparks around Europe, so at Qparks we do a little “Best of …” clip every month. This time I got the chance to edit the January Goldies and it even got shown on ISPO. Its two separate clips, one for snb and one for ski. Enjoy!

Back from Austria

Me, George and Rako were on Planai where I had some  shootings for Qparks and the boys did the Plan P competiton which is a part of Qparks Tour. We got some stuff done and Žiga even got 3rd so it turned out to be a really productive weekend. Congrats to Rako and expect some edits soon…