High speed paraski in Planica

Today I finally met Gal Jakič, Slovenian paraskier, a competitor in fast disciplines and an all around skier who likes to try new stuff in his spare time. We are also hoping to get some of his powder shots for the Untouched project and I it was nice to see his face after all the mails, hehe.

We went to Planica, our biggest hill jump, which used to be the largest in the world and where people have flow over 100m and 200m barriers for the first time in history.

Gal will be riding a flag down the hill on Saturday’s opening ceremony, so he wanted to try how much speed and control he will have. It is a giant steep slope and you are measured to get more than 100kmh till the end. And there is no other way than just going straight!

He was pretty confident and relaxed in the car, but naturally got a bit stage fright, when we parked in the run out. After seeing this happen the next moment, he got even more concerned, but shook it off instantly and started preparing.

He handled it with ease, went for two times and got over 120kmh mark. Pretty inspiring…

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