Check Basanostra!

I first heard about Sebastian Funk a.k.a. Basti a.k.a. Basanostra from my friend Matevž Pristavec, who delivered me some of his shots. He told me that Basti is one hell of a filmer that always takes guys somewhere where powder and good kickers are waiting. It was my “rookie” year filming snowboarding and I though, man that is some heavy know-how right there.

I finally met Basti when I got this checkout for Qparks last year. We clicked instantly, had a lot of fun on Dachstein and this year we even spent a portion of summer surf tripping together. He is super down to earth guy, with tons of knowledge, who just loves to film and do action edits that have some sort of story behind.

This might sound a little cheezy, but I think of him as my mentor (although he hates to hear that, haha), while he was never affraid to share his experience or knowledge with me. For a guy coming from Slovenia, where it is really hard to get some quality film schooling, let alone an honest opinion or good advice, this always meant a lot.

He started a new webpage, BasanostraProductions, which is well worth checking out. You can also follow his work on his facebook fan page.

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